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The rural scenery on the long drive from Kiev to Chernobyl is like any other journey in these parts, small villages and lush countryside that you would expect from a country known as the Breadbasket of Europe. It isn't until you come across the armed perimeter outposts of the exclusion zone that you realise that this is somewhere altogether more serious...
Chernobyl : Alienation
Welcome to Detroit. The time is the near-future and crime has spiralled out of control, anarchy and hard crime run rampage on mean street USA (ROBOCOP 1987)
Detroit : The Fall of MotorCity
The worlds largest super volcano, bubbles silently underneath the mountains of Wyoming. An eruption here would see 2/3rds of the USA rendered uninhabitable and cause disasterous climate change across the rest of the world. For now though, its one of the most amazing places on earth
Yellowstone : The Brimstone Forest
Less than 10 years after hosting the winter olympics, Sarajevo suffered the longest siege in modern history, a bloody campaign of unrelenting violence against the inhabitants of the capital city. The olympic venues didnt escape the violence and the concrete structures now stand on the mountains surrounded by landmines as a reminder of both the games and the conflict
Sarajevo : Before the skies went dark and the snow turned red